Gray Cedar was founded by Colbi Cannon in 2017.

Colbi was born a long time ago in a tiny town right beside the Atlantic Ocean. As a child he loved playing at the beach there, and in the woods and fields nearby. He also loved his grandparents’ homeland, hundreds of miles away, deep in the hollers of Appalachia. But he always felt a sad tension between those two homes- the flat salty coast and the rolling green hills. He felt life was unfair because you had to choose between the two greatest things on earth: oceans and mountains. Little Colbi painted fantasy landscapes where the hills crashed right into the ocean, and that way all the best things on earth could be found in one place. As far as he knew, no place like that existed.

As Colbi grew up he also learned that he liked cities. In cities you could find grownup things like good food, good design, and nice boys that might like you back.

In time, it became clear to him that the place he belonged was Seattle, so he moved there in 2007, which was as fast as life would allow. Since then he's felt a lot better about the choices you get to make in life.

He now lives on top of Beacon Hill with his partner Evan. Together they work on restoring their old house, and spend a lot of time on the water and in the mountains.